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New Version Of Thesis 1.8.3 WordPress Theme Available

Download Thesis 1.8.3 WordPress Theme

DIYthemes have released a new fast loading version of Thesis 1.8.3 WordPress Theme with many additional features. They have added smart SCC controls can improve your site’s load speed significantly, easy to use drag and drop image uploader, better WP network support (earlier knows as Multi-site), WordPress 3.0 supported header image and favicon uploader, support for GravityForms CSS, suppressed thesis admin script, improvement in custom coded widget, new display options for Thesis search widget and many other small fix like WP-DEBUG warnings.

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Check out how you can design a website with Thesis Theme :

How they have lowdown the page speed :

  1. This version of Thesis 1.8.3 theme makes 2 http request for CSS loading which was making 3 request in earlier version (layout.css and style.css have been combined in to 1 file for better performance). Less http request leads to faster load time that can help you gain in Google algorithm.
  2. Options to reduce single http request by changing site options → stylesheet options and uncheck the “Use Design Mode”. End result will combine all your stylesheets including custom.css file in to 1 core CSS file.

Seamless support for WP Network :

This fresh version of Thesis 1.8.3 has full support for WP Network which is knows as a multi-site as well. Theme will automatically detect if you are using WP Network and it responds by creating / custom folder for each active blog.

Few other framework support WP Network functionality which has a minor problem in implementation because they uses child themes where as thesis is not using any child theme. For example, if you are using same child theme for 2 active blog using WP network functionality, any modification or changes you make will affect to both blogs. Problem will arise when you want to have 2 different background images of those active blog.

This have invented first framework that can be operated independently for all WP Network sites.

Support for Gravity Form CSS

Finally, Thesis 1.8.3 theme has enhanced support for most popular Gravity forms. If you want to use Gravity Form, Thesis theme will automatically detect this and add required CSS to your core stylesheet file.

With the release of this new version of Thesis theme, they have announce the forthcoming Version of Thesis 2.0. Read more about Thesis 2.0

Check out standard features of Thesis WordPress Theme

Personal License: $87
Developer’s License: $164

Demo & Release Page  Download

Backbone WordPress Theme Framework : ColorLabs

Download Backbone WordPress Theme

Backbone WordPress Theme is a simple and ultra clean WordPress theme framework from ColorLabs. This flexible framework has vast array of features like responsive layout, additional page templates, layout setting options for page and post, customizable areas like change header style, post style, widgets style, menu style and footer style, built in SEO setting options, lots of single layout options, theme documentation guide, many other customization options, layout and features.

Backbone WordPress Theme Features :

  • Fully responsive layout design that works in any handheld devices
  • Built in custom page templates
  • Customizable styling for header, widgets, menus, footer etc
  • Single page layout options
  • Search Engine Optimization setting options
  • Auto post image thumbnail
  • Built in newsletter section
  • Social media profile links
  • Built in SEO setting options
  • All modern Browser Compatibility
  • Theme documentation guide
  • Threaded comment support
  • Lifetime product access and support
  • First time WordPress installation support
  • Theme admin option panel

Price :
For Standard Package : $79
For Developer Package : $159

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Demo & Release Page Download

WPSumo Premium WordPress Theme Framework

WPSumo WordPress Theme Framework is a powerful and flexible premium WordPress framework released by WPSumo. The theme framework has many great features such as easy to edit code, child theme friendly structure, 50 + hooks and extensions, built in style editor, Granular SEO settings, built in Export Import setting, multiple columns to create different layout, collection of 19 shortcodes, custom portfolio section, theme documentation guide, theme admin option panel and more.

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WPSumo Framework Theme Features :

  • Easy to use framework theme setting options
  • Child theme friendly structure
  • 50+ Hooks and extensions
  • Multiple columns for different layouts
  • Handy 19 custom coded shortcodes
  • Built in Export – Import theme setting option
  • Granular SEO setting options
  • Social media integration
  • Advertisement management module
  • SEO optimized code
  • Mobile version ready
  • WordPress 3.2 compatible
  • All major browser tested

For Standard License : $79.99
For Developer License : $169.99

Demo & Release Page Download

Elemental Theme Framework : Pro Theme Design

Elemental WordPress Theme Framework is a powerful and extremely flexible content management WordPress theme framework designed by Pro Theme Design. The theme framework is designed for blog to give you complete control over your website. The WordPress framework allows you to customise  layouts, typography, widgets, page template, typography and many other essential sections of the website. It also contains many useful action hooks and filters, 12 custom page template, 11 custom widgets for dynamic sidebar, detailed theme documentation guide, theme admin option panel and more.

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Features :

  • Comprehensive Control Panel – powers you to customise every section of the website (column size, typography, navigation and more)
  • 12 Custom Page Templates (contact forms, sitemaps, image galleries, blogrolls & more )
  • 11 custom widgets for dynamic sidebar and footer
  • Custom admin bar for dashboard shortcuts
  • Handy Filters and Actions to increase child theme customisation potential
  • Complete breadcrumbs support
  • Auto image re-sizer via TimThumb code (custom fields input not required!)
  • A built in contact form with user definable email address, messages, and CAPTCHA to reduce spam
  • Support for the WP125 advertising plugin for full control of the adverts on running on the blog
  • Additional customizable content areas via action hooks
  • Elegant, animated, multi-level dropdown menus for pages and categories
  • Dashboard widget for upgrade reminders
  • Code to prevent content redundancy across the site – no 2 posts will appear simultaneously
  • Print-friendly options on single-post pages
  • Four widgetized regions with optional advertising
  • Support for gravatars, author comment highlighting, threaded comments and paged comments
  • Full WordPress MU support
  • Full localization and translation support
  • SEO optimized
  • Print.css stylesheet
  • One to one support

For Basic Use: $59.99
For Developer Use: $149.99

Demo & Release Page | Download

New Version Of Headway 2.0.9 is Released : Headway WP Framework

Headway Themes has released new version of their most popular framework theme with few bug fix and addition of new features like faster visual editor. The newest version has features like “nag” bar to upgrade the theme, 2 new styles added, WPML compliant, page slug addition to body class, translation ready for Swedish language and many great tweaks in visual editor.

Apart from the new features, few bugs like SEO title, description, and keyword issues with linking resolved, Column resizing issues, Quirks with leaf heights, i18n issues have been fixed.

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List of Bugs fixed :

  • SEO title, description, and keyword issues with linking resolved
  • Column resizing issues fixed
  • Leaf template issues addessed
  • Quirks with leaf heights have been solved
  • i18n issues have been addressed

List Of New Features :

  • Many, many, many visual editor optimizations. The visual editor is now faster and more solid than ever. Absolutely no plugins should cause conflicts with it.
  • The visual editor title will now inform you when it’s loading and publishing
  • If you’re not logged in and try to access the visual editor, you will be redirected to the login screen and after a successful login, you will be redirected back to the visual editor.
  • A new style named Blue and Red has been added
  • WPML compatibility
  • Page slug added to body class
  • Edit: Swedish translation kindly provided by Tomas Lindhoff

List Of Changes Made In Framework :

  • Visual editor safe mode removed
  • Save All Changes renamed to Publish in visual editor
  • Skin panel removed from visual editor. To activate a skin, use the Headway configuration panel in the WordPress dashboard

Standard Features :

  • Easy uploading of your own header image
  • Turning on or off the display of elements such as your blog’s tagline or navigation links
  • Switching between a fixed-width header vs. a fluid one that spans the width of the browser window
  • Rearrange header elements by simply dragging them on the screen
  • Finely control post meta options, such as the publication date, author name display, number of comments, and more
  • Set the number of featured (full) posts for the blog’s main page compared to excerpts or just headlines
  • Choose normal or small excerpts (full-page width vs. a smaller “box”) — or no excerpts at all
  • Choose to display comments on pages or not
  • Choose to show commenter Gravatars or not, enter a URL for a custom default (blank) Gravatar, and set the avatar display size in your comments
  • Set fixed or fluid width footer
  • Choose to show or hide various footer elements, such as copyright, go to top link, login link, and more
  • Set site page dimensions and page margin
  • Show or hide subpages (also known as child pages) in your navigation bar
  • Hide the Home link, in case you don’t need it because you’re using the blog header only as the home link
  • Make any links in your navigation bar inactive so they don’t show (but the pages still exist)
  • Drag any link in the navigation bar to any position you want, until you have the link order you desire

Leaf Panel Headway’s Leaf Panel in the Visual Layout Editor gives you unprecedented control over the visual placement and dimensions of page content. Each leaf is a content box. You get to decide what goes into the box, where the box goes on the page, and how big the box is. You can add leafs, arrange them, resize them, delete them, and edit their settings. The kind of Leafs you can add to any page layout you want in Headway are:

  • Content Leaf: displays posts according to settings you choose, such as including or excluding certain categories and the number of posts to be displayed
  • Widget Ready Sidebar: add as many sidebars as you want in your layout—including the ability to have special “sideways sidebars” in the footer (which has, until Headway, always been a weak area in WordPress theme design)
  • Text/HTML/PHP Leaf: put custom content of any kind you want into this leaf: regular text, XHTML, PHP, and JavaScript (such as for email opt-in forms, for example), it can take just about anything
  • Featured Post Leaf: featured post leafs allow for animated transitions between a series of featured posts on your blog all within the same box
  • RSS/Recent Posts Leaf: grab any RSS feed from any source (including your own, of course) and display a specific number of recent posts from it with this powerful Leaf
  • Image Rotator Leaf: create an animated slideshow of images that gently fade one into another with this super-easy Leaf, and put it anywhere on the page you like
  • About Leaf: create a highly detailed “about” box on your page with text, an image (you control the size of the picture), and a “more” link
  • Photo Gallery Leaf: create amazing photo galleries for your blog with no extra WordPress plugins required—you have total control over every detail of the gallery, from thumbnail settings to slideshow animations

Visual Design Editor The Visual Design Editor allows you to fine-tune the visual design by changing fonts, margins, and other aspects universally of the leafs, sidebar widgets, and other WordPress blog elements. Some of the properties you can control for selected elements include:

  • Colors: you can use a visual color picker or enter a hexadecimal color code
  • Font/Typeface: choose from a list of nearly universal web fonts (found on all Macs and Windows computers)
  • Font Size: set the size of your text in pixels
  • Line Height: set how much vertical space is in between each line
  • Font Weight: set text as bold or normal
  • Text Transform: set text as being normal, uppercase, or lowercase
  • Font Variant: choose a “small caps” effect
  • Letter Spacing: adjust the amount of gap between the letters of words to wider or more narrow

Configuration Panel The Configuation Panel lets you get at settings that are “behind the scenes,” so you can change what you want.

  • General Tab: Contains main blog settings for feeds, Google Analytics or other scripts, and more.
  • Styling/Features: If you want to disable the Visual Design Editor, then you can change your style and font settings here, via drop-downs and checkboxes.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tab: Headway has the most thorough SEO features of any premium theme… all without any additional plugins. Here you can manage various kinds of page titles, description meta tags, nofollow settings, noindex settings, and more to boost your search engine rankings.
  • Social Networking Tab: You can integrate your Twitter account into your blog without extra plugins to bog down your blog’s page load times. You can have your tweets automatically appear in a leaf on the blog, and automatically tweet your new blog posts to Twitter as soon as they’re published.
  • Headway Permissions Tab: Have a multi-author blog or a team of designer/developers? Set their permissions for how much of Headway’s power they can access. You get to choose what type of user account (administrator, editor, etc.) has permission to see and use the various Headway tools, such as the Visual Design Editor or Headway Configuration. No other premium theme has these capabilities built in.

Support Headway includes tutorials & documentation in plain English and a friendly and helpful support community The power and flexibility of Headway Theme System can be a little difficult to comprehend with just words. To really appreciate the theme watch the video tour.


For Personal Use : $87
For Developer Use : $164

Demo & Release Page | Download